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Hey there, I’m Brett (aka B.C. Stephan), but I prefer Brett. Feel free to peruse through my work! You’ll find some sales funnel assets, website copy, and miscellaneous copy.

If you want to know the real me, my favorite languages, or my fiction books check out my about page.

You can also take a look at my new English reading website that I’m working on! It’s a side project that I started after teaching English in China for 2 years.

Alice & Ames


In the endless sea of fashion brands and clothing collections —how do you build brand awareness? 

Due to the emerging ease of e-commerce, many small copycat clothing brands are popping up everywhere. This is leading to a disconnect between consumers and the brand they are wearing.


Utilize an email list to re-establish the connection and identification of the customer with the Alice & Ames clothing brand. Instead of directing prospects to the product page, use a uniquely crafted landing page to grow the A&A email list. From there —a sequence of 3 welcome emails will be used to indoctrinate the prospect to become a member of the community and brand.

Note: This was my 1st spec piece sales funnel. It may go live… (fingers crossed haha) as I wrote this funnel for my friends brand.

The Farmstand


I already created a spec sales funnel for the copywriting school I was enrolled in, but I wanted to write a sales funnel for a product that I’m a bit more passionate about. An environmentally friendly product.


Write a 2nd sales funnel!

Note: This was my 2nd spec piece sales funnel.

Website Copy

Mindo Los Tucanes Tourism Agency

This was an amazing volunteer project! I was able to live in the Ecuadorian Cloud Rainforest with a host family for a month (and bath in a river for a month). In exchange for a room and board, I helped redesign their Agency website. I was responsible for all of the website copy and design direction. My amigo in Colombia helped me build the site.

UrbanThaiKitchen Restaurant

This was a full redesign of the homepage. I was fully responsible for all of the copy, design, and taking photos for the homepage.

The Best Worst Day Ever

This is my debut children’s book! You can find it on my site here.


Most self-published authors face is getting their feet off the ground and the biggest obstacle as a new author is getting your book reviewed


Is to develop a strong launch team, whose objective is to review your book when it is published. Below you will find a link to my launch team email campaign, as well as a promotional flier and Facebook ad. If you sign up to my newsletter you can get a free pdf copy of the book.

Finally… If you have made it this far and would still like a bit more evidence that I can write 😉

More spec pieces & writing samples